Opportunity: Value-add legal services – Will writing

Your customers will face a number of legal needs during their lifetime, often coinciding with moments when they require financial products and services.

Using Epoq’s technology, you can offer your customers access to an online Will writing platform empowering them to make provision for the inevitable. Writing a Will gives people peace of mind, knowing they have chosen capable executors and making sure their wishes are carried out whilst providing for their family when they are no longer there to do so.

  • Differentiate your services from those of competitors
  • Offer customers a high-quality legal service which is not currently affordable to everyone
  • Reduce your cost to service existing customers through traditional methods
  • Attract new customers with a new value-add service
  • Generate a new revenue stream by offering a pay-as-you-go service or by offering relating and supporting services like executor and trustee services

Whitepapers and case studies

Creating value for customers

There are many key moments during a policyholder’s life when their insurance and legal needs converge