Opportunity: Why document automation?

Automating the creation of legal documents can dramatically increase the efficiency and, therefore, profitability of a law firm. In fact, a study conducted by Epoq demonstrated that using a document automation system could cut the time taken to take instructions and draft a document by 70%. Using our document automation system will enable law firms to:

  • Increase the efficiency of creating high-quality first-draft documents
  • Collaborate with clients and manage documents securely online
  • Offer clients a more convenient way to access services
  • Differentiate their service and thus capture new clients

Solution: How can Epoq help?

Delivered through our Rapidocs® LawDraft system, our solution offers a range of features that enhance and streamline the way firms can deliver legal services, including:

  • Sophisticated document automation technology, which means the first draft is often the final draft
  • Collaborate with clients whereby they answer a series of questions, replicating the face-to-face question and answer session a lawyer might have – the document can be visible or hidden from the client
  • Real-time onscreen preview for simple and accurate drafting
  • Full audit trail of interaction between the fee earner and client, with ability to compare and revert to previous versions
  • Easy export and editing of a created draft in your usual word processor
  • Reliable instant-access web-based service available 24/7

Whitepapers and case studies

Slater + Gordon Lawyers case study

Law firms need to reduce their cost-to-serve and increase their bottom line if they are to compete in the current economic climate