Epoq Legal

Whether you're looking to automate your document drafting process in-house or offer your clients a document drafting tool, we can help.


How it works

On the left panel is a series of logic driven questions, the answer to one set of questions determines the next.

There are helpful explanations and practical examples next to each question.

As questions are answered, the document drafts in real time on the right panel.

Clauses are inserted, removed or altered resulting in a legal document that is tailored to the end users’ circumstances.

Where the document is a pdf form, fields are populated as questions are answered.

The user’s documents are stored securely online for easy management and access.

document automation

Workflow and deployments

We offer a range of workflows including

  • Self-service – the end user creates documents by answering a series of logic driven questions before exporting to a Word or a PDF file
  • Self-service with legal review – as per Self-service, however the user has the ability to submit their document either to a legal team for review along with any questions they may have. The legal team has the ability to make any additional amends.
  • Batch printing – the ability to send a document along with a covering letter to a printing application for dispatch by courier or post.

We also offer a range of access models including subscription-based, transactional pay-as-you-go and free-access.

Our range of deployment options include:

  1. Epoq Inside – where we build you a branded portal with customised workflow based on your requirements incorporating any of the workflows to the left.
  2. JusDraft - an in-house legal document system used to draft documents on behalf of clients. Documents can be shared internally with colleagues or externally with partner organisation or the end user.
  3. The Law Store - our own direct to consumer service which can be made available to your consumer of business customers either free access using their policy number or simply with vouchers to be used in the checkout process.


Our API is a REST-based interface with a simple, common sense instruction set (e.g. 'Get', 'Put', 'Create', 'Update'). It connects via https - essentially, it's accessed through a private web connection - features multiple security methods and allows complete programmatic access to all aspects of our platform, including control of users, documents and templates.

It can be used to automatically populate a document with data from another source, allowing for the 'pre-completion' of a document. It can also be used to add custom features or functionality to your website, such as running Epoq services via an entirely separate interface, data mining documents for data to help tailor the customer experience, or creating reports.



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