Document automation

Our online legal document automation technology significantly reduces the time required to create documents.

Underlying templates are layered with dynamic logic, rules and validators to output literally hundreds of document permutations, tailored to the end users' unique circumstances.

document automation


  • Seamless integration with existing banking, insurance or other platforms including SSO (single sign on)
  • Real time interactive questionnaire
  • Significantly reduces the time required to create documents
  • Improves the accuracy and consistency of the finished draft
  • Lowers costs of document creation
  • Simplicity of the process means that documents can be drafted by anyone

Platform features

  • Software as a Service (Saas) model, with the documents stored securely in the Epoq "cloud"
  • Ability to style the platform to your branding requirements
  • Legal compliance with full audit trail of all interactions between customers and support teams
  • A complete shopping basket process to enable online purchases
  • Back-office function which facilitates the interaction between customer and legal teams for the review, additional amendments, advice, customer service and more


Our API is a REST-based interface with a simple, common sense instruction set (e.g. 'Get', 'Put', 'Create', 'Update'). It connects via https - essentially, it's accessed through a private web connection - features multiple security methods and allows complete programmatic access to all aspects of our platform, including control of users, documents and templates.

It can be used to automatically populate a document with data from another source, allowing for the 'pre-completion' of a document. It can also be used to add custom features or functionality to your website, such as running Epoq services via an entirely separate interface, data mining documents for data to help tailor the customer experience, or creating reports.


Our technology

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