Corporate Social Responsibility

At Epoq Legal, we believe everyone should have access to justice and we strive to continuously strive to live up to our tagline 'making law easy'; by providing uncomplicated, real-time document automation technology.

South Africa is home to 57.7 million people, many of whom simply cannot afford or don’t have access to legal services. As such, they are reliant on non-profit organisations who in turn partner with law firms and other institutions in order to make services like advice or legal services available.

In 2018 we were invited to take part in HiiL’s Innovating Justice Challenge and ultimately entered their prestigious Justice Accelerator program. Together with a number of supporters, we designed and built our JusDraft platform that enables non-profit organisations the ability to easily and efficiently create legal documents for people in the communities they serve – for free.

We hope to make a difference the lives of one million families by 2025 and are on course to do so.

Co-founders Emile Gerber & Richard Mckerchar

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